Flexible Pricing Packages.

Sports by Design offers many different pricing options to meet your specific needs. Listed below are the most common packages. for custom applications or forms, we will work with you to deliver to your exact specifications.

League Set Up with Shared Sponsor Revenue

System Fee (with no shared sponsor revenue)

Services and site/game updates


Includes set up fee with shared advertising revenue*

Per season usage fee

Online administration of Team(s) and league(s)

*Revenue sharing model percentages are based on the number of participating advertisers, excepted large volume, etc.


Includes set up fee

Sports by Design manages all sponsors and maintains all advertising revenue

Per season usage fee

Online administration of team(s) and league(s)


Includes set up fee

Per season usage fee

Sports by Design manages all team(s) and league(s) updates on an hourly basis

System Support & Maintenance

The system is monitored 24/7 and improved continuously as new features are added. With a support agreeement, you receive all system updates. current subscribers are entitled to support with a toll-free number to assist in setting up and/or managing games.

Website Design

Sports by Design provides services for those in need of a new website or a fresh design to an outdated one. either way, sports by design software will complement the new design.

Make Team Management Easier